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Connecticut, 2 Blind Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitties need homes!

Remy and Randy are beautiful kittens that are only about 12 weeks old as of July 21, 2013. They are very sweet and affectionate and love to be held and cuddled. They are also very playful!!

Remy and Randy must be placed together, and must be placed in a very special home. They are both blind and also have cerebellar hypoplasia (this is just tremors...their body shakes sometimes). They are very brave boys and very outgoing, despite their special needs.

Because of their special needs, they need to be in a home without dogs and small children. A quiet home would be best, with a cat-experienced person. They purr all of the time and are very happy kittens.

Please adopt these boys and give them a forever home! They have so much love to give you!! They are available thru CATALES, Inc. (Connecticut Association To Assure Love & End Suffering).

Contact is :
Phone (860) 344-9043