Thanks for that tour, Pat - that was really interesting. I never got to tour any of that area as an adult, but have always been fascinated by the area and some of the history surrounding it.
I only visited in IL once - Chicago vicinity - and that was when I got to go to Lake Michigan. I was only about 9 or 10 years old, so that's the only real memory I have of it. The family had taken a trip out there to visit my brother. He and his first wife were living in the Des Plaines/Crystal Lake (?) area - or somewhere in that vicinity. I did go out to Michigan as an adult, but it was more as a babysitter - to keep my friend's small kids occupied, as they had to make arrangements and attend the funeral of a family member.

And I've been going around the house all day, humming Gordon Lightfoot songs. I sure did like him and other folk singers of that era - and definitely miss those oldies.

Woo-Hoo - I just dug out my CD of GL's Greatest hits. I'll have to put it on tomorrow while I sit on the floor - trying to brush and trim up Myndi. Then she's headed for a bath. She will not be a happy camper..........