Some of you know that I am moving from DE to NC - soon. I had planned to already be there by June, but a lot of issues prevented that. My goal is now mid-September at the latest, as I want to get settled before the weather starts to change too much. Actually there's not a whole lot that I will miss, and I'm really looking forward to the change. Since so many folks have asked me what I'll miss the most, I decided to make a list - so this is it so far in order of most important first, down to that of lesser importance.

1. My son and grandkids. It will be strange not being able to see them most every day, or in just a matter of a couple of hours, depending where they happen to be.

2. The beautiful ocean beaches. Right now I just hop in my car and can be to the beach in about an hour if I decide that I want to spend the day there - either on the beach, or checking out all the shops on the boardwalk. In NC I'll be 6 hours away from the coast - not exactly a distance for a spur of the moment day away from the house.

3. Knowing my way around the area. I've lived in DE for 45 years, so pretty much can go anywhere without any issues of getting lost. Now I'll have to learn a whole new area - how to get from point A to point B and back again without getting lost. Guess maybe I'll ask for a GPS for Christmas this year. I don't want to depend on my niece to have to take me everywhere since there are times I'll just want to get in my car and go by myself.

4. The flat DE terrain which makes for "relatively" easy driving in the winter when there is snow/ice on the roads. I'll be living in western NC in the foothills region - very beautiful but I know I'll not want to be on those roads if they aren't clear. This will probably be my biggest challenge.

5. No DE sales tax. I just can't get used to paying tax on everything whenever I go out of state, since DE has no sales tax, and that item I buy for $15.95 costs me $15.95 - and nothing more.

6. Finding new doctors that I can trust and feel comfortable with, a new vet for Myndi for when she might need one - and a hair stylist!!!! I am so picky about how my hair gets cut and only my son's first wife has been allowed to do it for the last 25+ years. Guess maybe I'll never get it cut except on the occasions I come back up here - or just let it grow!

Other than all of that - I really can't say I will miss anything to the point of not wanting to leave. I'll miss leaving Sherbie and O.C. behind since they are buried in the yard, along with a few other furkids from many, many years ago before I started with the practice of having most cremated, and of course all cremains will make the move with me. Afterall - we're all going to ride the ocean currents together when my time is up and I am cremated.