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Thread: Photoshoot August 3, 2013

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    Photoshoot August 3, 2013

    Tried outside but, as that is new, Tasha was quite nervous and not cooperative.
    Riley and Tony in the chair, Willy on the grass.

    This was the best of all 4

    Got some nice shots of less than 4
    Riley and Tony

    Someone jumped down and made me move the camera, but I caught Tony, lol

    So we moved inside

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    On the sofa went more smoothly, they are used to that.
    Tasha, Riley, Willy, Tony

    and finally: the antibiotics are kicking in, Tony is feeling much better. he ate a full meal today, first time. Starting to see his poise and personality now too.

    That's all!

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    Hello fluffs! (And hi, Tony! I saw his intro but didn't get a chance to reply!) Y'all are looking wonderful and happy! I wish I could get my dogs to pose that calmly for photoshoots LOL
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    Hi, Fluffs! These are wonderful summer photos - I keep scrolling up and down to look at them!

    Edited to add: Yay, sweet Tony! I am so glad you are feeling better, eating, and the antibiotics are working! I know you are eating nutritious food with your new mum. Welcome home!
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    As I've said before - your crew is so cooperative when it comes to having their pictures taken. Amazing!!! And now Tony is fitting right in there and it seems like he's been doing this all of his life. Such a good little guy. You and he both hit the jackpot!

    Willy tickles my funny bone - he's such a ham - just like the little white doggie that lived here for so many years. I wish black doggie had even just a fraction of that cooperation when I get out the camera...

    Glad to hear that Tony is feeling better. Smooches to all of the Fluffs.
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    Ellie, you said it, Willy is a ham, a one of a kind. Even at the vet, Tony's first visit, and we were all talking, Willy wouldn't allow this even NOW after 3 years, Willy this, Willy that. He is a character!

    Thank you Bri, Ellie and Cassie. Bichons are something else; seems like Tony has been part of the group FOREVER, not just 3 days!
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