What do you think of the season so far? I was delight by the two "top" looks last night, but knew ahead of time they'd never choose the blue one as the top. I am always glad to see whimsy in the looks.

I was so not impressed with the "designer" who went home last night. I wanted to like him, his message of sustainability is good one, but he seemed way to young emotionally, and so all over the map - he seemed more interested in promulgating his "message" in a pedantic way without actually designing anything decent. And he seemed to have no core to his convictions. When the make-up artist told him, week two, that "Loreal is great with sustainability," he didn't ask and questions, ask what that meant, or anything. And backed off of the "no electricity, so blow-dryers, curling irons, etc., " stance of week one, perhaps when someone pointed out how hypocritical that was, as he worked with an electric sewing machine, in an electrically lit work-room. And wore bedazzled plastic sandals while his model went barefoot!