I did ask wo close friends for their input, and both agreed I need to move him on. And of course, he is staying. His name: Tony! I'm already calling him Tony - pup, lol.

Several reasons he is staying:
I had a long phone conversation with the foster mom last evening. She has 7 dogs, only 2 are hers, one is a long term rescue been w/ her 3 years and not likely going to be adopted. Yes she saw the photos and says he would be adopted. She only had 6 dogs yesterday morning, and then suddenly a dog was returned to her after 2 years. (WHO does these things?! Nothing 'wrong,' they are expecting a baby and felt with 2 children already, the dog would not get the attention he needs. They showed up at her door unannounced to return him) She has another dog arriving on Sat, and then this boy would arrive on Sun and she'd have 9 dogs. She does not have a fenced in yard so they are either inside or on leash for walkies.

This boy -- Tony -- is used to being outside ALL DAY. Yes he is adjusting well to being indoors but I wonder if being an indoor only dog would be too much for him all at once.

He adapts easily, has already blended in with my pack. All that crazy peeing has stopped, Willy no longer needs his belly band. Tony is wearing his just because, I'll keep it on him till after his neuter. Could he become an indoor only dog? I think so. I worry about these babies, giving them too much change too soon, having them shut down, or develop behavior issues.

She would not be able to get him neutered till the following Monday; naturally her vet will want to see him once first. We both agreed the earlier he is neutered, the better chance he will drop this marking behavior a LOT. And at age 3 years, a week may or may not make a difference, neither of us knows.

She said she will be there if I find I can't manage (as if!), which is nice to know.

I had the 4 to the Farm yesterday afternoon. Tony was on a long line, 25 feet, and LOVED it!

To Mary Ellen and Lin, I'm sorry, I really DID value your opinions and input; and intend to move him for many reasons each of you listed. Then this phone call with the foster mom and . . . I caved in.