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    Unplanned rescue

    I always say I should NOT look at craigslist! But I do because I have a message I send out to folks who have lost a pet (dog or cat) which lists 14 things to do to try and get the pet home.

    Saw a posting for a bichon. Weak, vulnerable time, having just lost Lacey. So I emailed. Four days later (and after the woman had changed her mind about rehoming the dog once) I went to pick up a bichon on Wednesday afternoon (yesterday). From speaking with the neighbor who had posted (the woman did not post herself) and from speaking with the woman, I knew this dog was in a tough situation. Not about to be PTS, but not in a proper setting for a bichon. I am glad I got him, he NEEDED help. The woman called me back after she'd had 2 phone calls from men living in Providence, who had strong accents. Providence has a high population from Haiti and Dominican Republic, where dog fighting is a 'sport,' and she was getting scared they would use her dog for bait. So she asked if she just GAVE him to me, would I take him. I said yes.

    In my car

    There's that bichon smile!

    Went straight to my groomer, no way this was something I could tackle myself. Had him walk for a pee first.

    Stand by more of this story to come . . .
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