Hello there. I just signed up for this site, but I might be here a lot. For now though I'm just really desperate for advice/help/guidance/opinions etc.
I have two babies right now, a cat named Mizzie and a dog named Ava

Mizzie is 6, she just turned 6 this month, and Ava is almost 5 months old now. I love them both to death, but I have a problem now that didn't matter before.

Mizzie lives with me at my grandparents, meanwhile Ava lives with my boyfriend since he paid for her and my grandma doesn't want a dog and whatever else.
But Miz is terrified of dogs. I've had Ava and another dog named Kitty over at my house, and as soon as Mizzie knows they are around she hides. One time Kitty went into my bedroom (Mizzie's favourite place) and Mizzie was just hiding under my desk, and no matter what I did she wouldn't come out. She also wouldn't eat any food or treats until a while after me and my boyfriend left with the dogs.

The problem is: is that my boyfriend is moving September 1st, and is obviously taking Ava, and I've been seriously thinking about going with him...except I want to take Mizzie and I really can't imagine not taking her; but her reaction to dogs makes me afraid to take her.

I really really don't want to move without my kitty. Mizzie is my big suck and when I went away for a week my grandma said she was really pouty, and when we talked on skype Mizzie perked up right away. She sleeps with me every night unless she's mad at me (usually she gets mad when I go away for the weekend or when my friends sleep over and take her spot) and she's a spoiled princess.

On the other hand though I'm afraid to take her away from my grandparents. Because they love her as much as I do, and I know she's attached to them too; though not as much.

But assuming right now that I would take her with me; is there any hope of her getting used to Ava? We'd be moving into a two bedroom apartment...I mean its a pretty big apartment but I don't know where Mizzie would be able to have a 'safe spot' in an apartment. Our bedroom wouldn't work because Ava is also a huge suck and wants to sleep in the same room, though I think she'd sleep in her bed rather than on ours. We'd also be moving in with another person so I can't just give the second bedroom to Mizzie either.

Any advice would be super helpful, thanks in advance...