So, there are two pet laws trying to be passed by anti-pet organizations like PETA and HSUS. One is a law that is trying to add boa constrictors, DeSchauensee's anacondas, green anacondas, and Beni anacondas to the Lacey Act. The Lacey Act prohibits the animals listed as injurious from being transported across borders or imported into the US. This means that breeders cannot introduce new blood into their stock, and anyone moving out-of-state must leave their beloved pet behind, animals can't be taken to another state for demonstrations, you can't buy/adopt pets out-of-state, etc., or they will become a federal criminal. The other law would allow USFWS to add any species to the list of injurious species under the Lacey Act, without due process. This includes reptiles, amphibians, fish, small mammals, and birds. They wouldn't need any scientific proof to show these animals are injurious, and they wouldn't need to research the species' economic impact in the pet trade. This doesn't just affect reptiles! Here are some links to help combat these laws, you only have until the 31st! Please, complete these and share them with as many people as you can! And keep a look out for future bills by joining USARK's newsletter, if you'd like.