Help! I created a monster when I fed my new kitten wet food. I misunderstood the breeder who gave me one can of wet food for the first day at home. I ran out and bought more wet food and it turns out that my beautiful female 9 month old Russian Peterbald, Natasha is an absolutely wet food fiend. She started out as a flock coat (think very short, soft Brillo pad) and now she's loosing her coat except for her tail which is brushy. Typical of the Peterbald, she is very warm to the touch and I'm guessing she's got a very high metabolism. She is very talkative which comes from the Oriental in her breeding and not only is she a very rambunctious kitten, add the food anxiety and feeding time is wild. I've tried just about everything to get her to eat dry food and she is very stubborn and willing to old out as long as it takes. I've tried adding a small amount of dry food to her wet, but she's quite adept at flinging the bits out. I've tried soaking the dry in tuna juice and she licks up the juice and leaves the dry behind. I tried cold turkey and she lasted over 48 hours with no food until I finally gave in (I was afraid of fatty liver--I had a cat that died when he refused to eat entirely--yes, a cat can die by not eating). She was extremely vocal and agitated and my anxiety level was probably higher than hers through this ordeal. So after that I just settled into feeding her 2 cans of Pro Plan kitten in the morning and 2 cans in the evening with a bowl of dry food always available. So then the breeder sent me some pro biotic tablets to put in her water, but that hasn't helped. Now I'm trying just one can in the morning and one in the evening with a great production of pouring her dry food before giving her the wet and of course leaving it always available. My thought is that yes, she's hungry, but she's probably getting enough nutrition to avoid any liver problems. Now, if I can withstand her antics, I'm hoping that she'll figure out that maybe she should snack on that dry food. Has anyone had a cat like this and successfully transitioned over to dry food? I know there is a huge debate about wet food being better for them, but I'm worried about her dental health as well as the expense (4 cans of ProPlan run about $3 a day), not to mention that wet food can't be left out, so I have to be available on her schedule to open the cans.