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    Pets and TV

    Just a curiosity question - do your pets watch TV with you? And if so, do they enjoy certain things, like a baseball game or a race - more than others? Or do you think they just like being in the room with you when you are sitting down holding still, and what is on the TV has nothing to do with it.
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    Way back when, my parents had a cat that every night would come into the den and settle down to watch TV: the 11pm News and Weather, but then when they got to Sports, she would get up and walk out of the room.
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    Sometimes Sissy Pom stops whatever she's doing and stares at the tv, actually watching it. One day she saw a closeup of some man's face and she started barking at the tv. Also a couple of times she barked at dogs on tv. I don't think LilGirl has ever barked at tv.

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    I do catch some of my cats watching tv while others will just ignore it. Sky is one of my cats that will watch almost anything on tv. When they hear animal sounds this does get their attention so they will look at the tv.
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    Neither Myndi nor Sparky were ever interested in watching t.v. If Sparky heard a dog barking on t.v. he would perk up and listen for it again, and on occasion would actually take notice of it on the screen and watch for a minute, but would lose interest if he didn't hear any more barking. No fooling Myndi tho - she was never interested in the noise or the picture. Smart dog, since there really isn't a whole lot worth watching these days.
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    Mikey will watch TV if there's an animal, more specifically a dog on it. So shows like Americas Funniest Home videos he will watch. He also watches Youtube Videos! He also likes Skype LOL


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