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Thread: Oh Lacey, how I miss you already!

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    Oh Lacey, how I miss you already!

    My Lacey Dacey was PTS this afternoon. She was between 12 and 14 years old.

    She woke me screaming bout 6 AM. I had to call a neighbor to come help me get her on a board and into the car, and I got her to the ER vet. Initially, her blood pressure was high, heart rate rapid, blood glucose extremely high. They started fluids to try to get her stabilized. I left her with them for blood work and tests.

    A few hours later the vet called. Ultrasound showed multiple masses in both her liver and spleen, enlarged lymph nodes in her stomach, enlarged heart, both kidneys had extensive damage and were shutting down. They were not able to lower her blood pressure and get her stabilized.

    In a way, I knew this was coming. She'd been losing weight, and having trouble eating. The regular vet did a blood work up on her and that showed all well, which meant most likely she had cancer, something was eating up her calories. We decided to wait and see what developed. But NOTHING showed up until this morning.

    We all went walkies at Bridgham Farm yesterday. Lacey was so excited, she whined the entire ride over, running to look out first one window then another. She enjoyed the walk, trotting here and there, sniffing smells. Last night at bedtime, she climbed the stairs onto my bed, did her little race around the bed and then did her dig-dig-dig that she often did prior to settling down.

    My sweet girl, Mommy's Girl, is gone. I can't hardly take in, just yet.
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