Hello, precious bunny Romeo! What a handsome fellow you are with your white coat, your dark spots and the stripe down your back, and your alert, dark ears! Your red collar looks very nice on your pretty coat, too. You are quite the bunny athlete, a terrific jumper! And you get a bit restless when you can't be "on the go", so your person has you wear your leash and takes you everywhere. I bet you bring loads of smiles and joy to the people who meet you when you go places!

You are a daddy! What adorable baby bunnies you have! I bet they will be "people-bunnies", charmers, active and agile - just like their dad! They are so darling!

Could you please have your person give you, Midnight Rose and the babies some gentle petting for me today, and maybe a yummy bunny treat. I enjoyed meeting you today, wonderful Romeo! Happy Bunny Pet of the Day!