I've posted in General about this new kitten family that was born to someone I know, and I'm trying to help them if I can .. see http://petoftheday.com/talk/showthre...-kitten-family .. latest update, I've found a couple of VERY low-cost spay/neuter opportunities for them!

I'm writing now here in Health to ask for any advice because one of the kittens has an eye stuck shut, and I don't know what might be going on and what if anything there is to do, or does this 2-week-old kitten need to see a vet.

Debbie called me this evening saying one of the kittens' eye was stuck shut. She said they wiped it with a cotton pad and got some gunk off, but the eye is still stuck shut. She was asking me what might be happening and what to do.

She said the eye was open a few days ago, and they just noticed today that it is stuck shut.

I told her to keep an eye on the kitten over the next day or two and please call me tomorrow and let me know how it is.

I am writing to ask for advice, because I don't really know what she should do if the kitten's eye does not open in the next day or two.

Thanks for any help!!!!!