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Thread: LAMBERTVILLE, NJ: Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty URGENT Rescue Needed NOW!!

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    LAMBERTVILLE, NJ: Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty URGENT Rescue Needed NOW!!

    CONTACT: Call Lambertville Animal Welfare at 609.397.0461 or email [email protected]

    May Day 911, Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty needs rescue now! PLEASE SHARE

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    URGENT RESCUE needed for Ginger the CH Kitty (Cerebeller Hypoplasia -see below). Ginger is 1 years old and sadly lives outdoors with a condition not conducive to outdoor life - in the past year she has had 3 litters of kittens. Her 82 year old "feeder" can no longer care for this sweet girl. Ginger is shy with strangers but rubs up against her caregiver and loves to be petted by her..

    Ginger was trapped today and was spayed, vaccinated, tested and microchipped. She is a healthy girl with a moderate+ case of CH, but she now needs a special rescue group or person to socialize her to indoor life and help make her a loving pet. A large dog cage or spare bedroom works best!

    If you can help, please call Lambertville Animal Welfare at 609.397.0461 or email [email protected]

    Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a disorder found in cats and dogs which causes jerky movements, tremors, and generally uncoordinated motion. A cat with CH often falls down and has trouble walking or cannot seem to walk at all. CH in cats is non-progressive, meaning it does not get worse with age. LAMBERTVILLE ANIMAL WELFARE

    Phone (609) 397-0461
    Email [email protected]
    Website http://www.LambertvilleAnimalWelfare.Org
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    Oh, be still my heart! I feel so tempted to take Ginger in, as Lambertville is a reasonable distance and she is a special-needs kitty. I had one of my TNR cats neutered there, at their previous location. I have two huge dog cages in my basement but they are currently occupied by other cats. I need to really think about this, as I am trying to find homes for 3 of my rescues living in the basement. Well . . . maybe someone will heed Ginger's call and I won't be feeling torn. I may email the place to see if she is still available.

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