Hi Spike! Happy Pet of the Day to you! Oh, aren't you the stunning Bearded Dragon boy! Your coloring is gorgeous, and I admit, I'm a sucker for those sweet, little "hands!" And yes, I did notice your leash! How creative of your person, and it looks so soft and comfy! I just wish your human had included a pic of you in your hat! What a patient fellow you are, Spike, allowing your person to dress you up for those photo shoots! Then again, you're a natural for the camera, and so handsome, so it's no wonder you crave the limelight! And as your human says, with a face as sweet as yours, who could resist? But what really touched my heart was reading of your bedtime ritual, you cuddling up in your favorite spot in the bedroom at 10:30 sharp, closing your eyes as soon as the light goes out! What a beautiful bond you and your person share, Spike, and how lucky she/he is, having a loving companion and best friend as special as you! Hope you're enjoying your well earned day in the spotlight, sweetheart, celebrating to the max with your human and doggie pal, chowing down on dandelions, green beans, bananas and yellow squash, just being spoiled rotten! Lots of love to you, precious Spike! Long and happy life to you!