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    Myndi - just checking in

    Just getting Myndi started here - so I'm turning the task of her recounting some events in her life since the first of the year, over to her. I may be sorry for leaving it up to her - but here she is.....

    Hi - Myndi here............

    Mom tells me that I've been too quiet and haven't visited here much lately, and I need to stop by and let everybody know that I'm doing very well - considering my advancing years. As some of you know, I turned 17 on my last birthday in January. Mom and my Dr Annie call me "Miracle Myndi", but I just say it's my hard-headed and strong willed nature. Of course lots of lovin from my people, good food, comfy places to park my weary old bones, and a few meds to keep me going, might have something to do with it too! Mom said something about good genes too, but what clothes have to do with it, I sure don't have a clue. She's always saying that she doesn't really like jeans - so what the heck is she talking about??

    Anyway - back in April Mom told me that she and I are going to move to North Carolina. I don't know that I like the idea of moving and I don't really know what it means anyway - something about a different house where there are other dogs, cats, and birds. And just wait till I tell you about those birds.........UNBELIEVABLE! I guess I just don't have any choice in the matter, since there's no way I'm letting Mom go anywhere without me. We haven't moved yet - Mom said she makes one step forward then two steps back. That doesn't sound very smart to me.

    Anyway, back in May, we did get to go to NC, but we only stayed a few days and then turned around and came home. I was thinking - "oh good - Mom decided we aren't going to move afterall" - but that wasn't the case at all. Mom's brother Charlie had to leave to go to heaven, and we went down to NC for a memorial service. That was another thing that didn't make sense to me - Uncle Charlie wasn't even there to join everybody and everybody was very sad the whole time we were there. I guess maybe they were all sad because Uncle Charlie didn't show up - I really don't understand and figure I shouldn't ask. Mom would probably just tell me that I didn't understand anyway. She did say something about an Irish Wake the night of the memorial, and it did cheer people up and even made them laugh some. Sometimes I just don't understand people.....

    Oh - and about those birds. I know what birds are because I've seen them in my yard, but I've never seen them in a cage in a house - 2 of them in 2 different cages, And they were HUGE!!! - I kid you not! Mom said that's because they are parrots. Well - Steve (Mom's son and my most favorite person in the world) was holding me and looking at one of those big birds, when all of a sudden that darn thing let out with a loud MEOW (learned from the cats my Aunt Linda told me), and I was scared half out of my wits. I had a panic attack - I really did - and I scared Mom because I was carrying on so and she thought I was going to have a heart attack and die on the spot! Hey - she can just blame that darn big bird for the whole scary event. So she took me outside and away from the barking dogs, meowing bird, and the commotion of 13 people being there, and then she took me out to the motor home where she and Steve and I would bed down while we were there. That was pretty cool - we had our own home away from home and didn't have to sleep in the big house with all the other people and dogs and cats and BIRDS!

    Oh - and the trip down and back was a new experience for me, and kinda fun too. I go for an occasional short ride in the car, so Mom was worried how I would tolerate a 9 or 10 hour trip. Piece of cake - let me tell ya!!! We went down in Steve's car so of course he drove, and Mom and I rode together in the back seat. What fun. She put my pillow bed on the back seat, and some of my toys so there would be familiar smells of home once we got to NC too. I had my own little suitcase too with some more toys, my meds and my special food and my thongs (panties). NO - they are NOT diapers, so don't even go there! I was a little bit nervous at first and only took little naps a few minutes at a time, but then I settled down once we got on the other side of DC and into VA - and slept just about the whole rest of the way there, and when I was awake, then Mom and I played a little tug-of-war with one of my toys. Little did I know at that time that there were BIRDS waiting to scare me at the end of a nice relaxing trip! By the time of the reverse trip - I was a well behaved and well seasoned traveler. Guess I fooled everybody again - tee-hee-hee!

    So I haven't been up to much since we got back. Mom said we were going to get back to packing and moving and have it all done in June, but the night we got back from NC she hurt her back, so hasn't been able to do much at all. It's getting better and her doctor said she could start to do some more of the lightweight packing and sorting - just so long as she wears her back support. She said something about getting her motivation back first, so I don't know if she lost it or misplaced it, or if somebody stole it.

    I'm doing pretty good - tho the old ticker is slowing down. Sometimes it doesn't get enough oxygen to my brain and I have a little fainting/near fainting spell - but Mom holds me for a minute and then I just go back to what I was doing before it happened. I don't think it's any big deal, but it scares Mom. It's nothing really, really bad tho - like when Sparky was sick last summer and had lots of fainting. Dr Annie says my heart murmur hasn't gotten any worse and I have no fluid build up in my lungs or anywhere else, so no meds at this point. All my blood levels are just fine for a very senior girl too. I just keep chug-chug-chuggin along and keep being my happy little self, and I'll stay here just as long as I possibly can. Mom says I'll sure never starve to death - she calls me an "oinker" - whatever than means. A little funny thing happened when I went to Dr Annie yesterday - well it was actually when I got home. I just went in to have my nails clipped, give her a listen to my heart and lungs and report no new problems. Well - there actually was one, but I didn't know about it till Mom and I got home. I had just a little poopie accident when we got in the house, so Mom went in the bathroom to get some paper to clean it up. When she started to pick it up - I heard a big "EEWWW" out of her. So what's the problem Mom??? - it looks just like all the other poop I've ever left you - right???? Wrong - this one had a tapeworm in it - now I can say "EEWWW" too. It really was a pretty embarrassing thing to happen to a lady such as myself - I've NEVER had any worms in my whole life!!! So Mom got on the phone and called Dr Annie, and doc told her to go back in to the office and pick up a pill to give me that will get rid of that nasty thing! Ick-ick-ick! Mom asked me why I saved it till we got back home, and why didn't I give it to her before we went out the first time. I don't think she was over enthused that she had to go back out into the miserable heat and drive to town again, when she could have gotten the medicine when we were there - if only I hadn't waited to present her with the surprise. Oh well.......

    Wow - seems like I've been a real Motor Mouth - huh??? Well blame Mom - she's the one who said I needed to fill you all in with what I've been up to. I've learned to be more chatty since I have to take up where Sparky left off. I sure do miss him - even if he was a typical bratty little brother.

    I'll send a few pics too - not that I ever cooperate for any photo shoot - but you can see my adorable self as I am. There's one of me and Sparky - that's the oldest pic, then a couple outside by a flowering bush, one of me and Steve and Steve's daughter Tia. She's really so pretty - that's just not a flattering pic, then there is me laying and looking at a pic of my brother Sparky. Mom has packed most of the pics and nicknacks that where in the bookcase, but left that pic of Spark for me to look at. I lay there and look at it every day - I really do. Mom thinks it's just so sweet when I do that....

    Okay - gotta go. Mom said she didn't know I would be so difficult to shut up, once I got talking to y'all. She should know better by now.

    Sending love and tail wags and doggie kisses to all,
    The Senior black Pom of the PT community,
    Ms. Myndi-Jo Kong Walt
    yup - that's my real name
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