So Saturday night at about 11 pm I cleaned the litterboxes and put the bag outside my apartment door so I don't forget to take it to the garbage next day (I was too lazy to go down again...). I just put it outside, take one step back to close the door- hear a scream and feel two long teeth going down my left heel.
It hurt... really... and it started to bleed really bad. So I had to catch some kitchen paper first to keep me from bleeding all over things. I sat down at the table and Orion jumped in front of me "flehming" and purring at the same time- he obviously was not comfortable. First I thought it had been him but when I looked closer- and when the bleeding began to stop I saw that the width of the teeth pointed rather to Kiri who is quite a bit bigger than Orion.
I looked up the internet and it said that cat bites can get infectious quite easily. Especially as the wounds tend to close on the surface rather quickly- but they may get infectious inside (which I remembered also from cats who got bitten- like Ti and Miley -some of you may remember). So I called the emergency doctor who advised me to go to the emergency room in our hospital right away.
Which I did- it was midnight by now. After all it turned out ok, the heavy bleeding is a rather good sign as some germs may have been flushed out. 3 days later I am glad that it's summer as I have to go to the office in sandals but the wound is ok, it still hurts as the two canines went in really deep but it is getting better every day. What hurts also is the place I got the tetanus shot in (I was not up-to-date with it which should not happen).
Kiri and Orion are purrfectly sweet of course and I have no proof of either having bitten me. So it may have been a close-to-the-floor vampire after all? I have never been bitten by any of my cats in my life and I cannot imagine that a short step backwards could have frightened anyone that much. Of course I have stepped on toesies occasionally as they both are between your feet all the time but I did not feel any of them.
A big secret.....glad we all are ok....