Do any of you order any "as seen on TV" merchandise from the t.v. ads, or buy when they have them in those locations in stores like Walmart or Walgreens? What has been your experience with what you've bought - is the product good or bad or worth the money? Would you recommend the product to a friend, etc??? I read the reviews before ordering or buying anything, and tho I don't buy many of these items, I have bought a few and have had good luck with them.

Forever Comfy Pillow - I ordered this thru the t.v. - (you know the line - the 2nd one is free) - just pay the shipping and handling. So I ordered 2 of them. They were well worth the price and really are comfy - I have one in my car and one in my desk chair. The price was more than reasonable since a like product sold thru a medical supply house as a wheelchair pad, sells for about double the price (for only one), I paid for two. I would recommend this product!

Genie Bra - love these - so comfortable! You can buy these at Walmart too, but I've only seen them in black or beige there. I order them thru QVC - they have a big selection of pretty colors and they are actually cheaper than thru t.v. or Walmart. Another item I'm very satisfied with and worth the money.

Pink Armor Nail Gel - I picked up a bottle at Walgreens. I've only had it for a few day, but so far no chipping as advertised. It goes on very smooth and is super fast drying - gives my nails a nice pink healthy look. My nails are super brittle and peel and split very easily, so I'm hoping this product will solve that problem, as they advertise. So far - so good.

So do any of you have any comments - good or bad - on any of the t.v. products you may have bought?