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Thread: How in the world do the kitties with oddities keep finding us? (Test results 12)

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    This is wonderful news!!!
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    Great news, I bet Oliver is very happy about the results.

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    I'm doin' the happy dance here! Great news!!!
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    Wonderful news.

    Don't be surprised if more "Medical Mystery Kitties" find their way to your house. Sounds like the word is out on the street!

    One PetTalker (haven't seen her here for a while now) swore she was running a M*A*S*H unit. All the wounded strays seemed to find their way to her house.
    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.

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    I'm so glad they don't have to open him up to look for nonexistent testicles, poor guy!
    I've been finally defrosted by cassiesmom!
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    Great news for Oliver and for everyone who loves him!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Just read all of Oliver's story-glad to hear he's neutered.
    i am sure kitties leave signs on the door, just like European beggars in the middle ages. "Keep away, fierce dog!" " Friendly landlady" etc.
    Friends of mine always had cats. When they moved in the very center of Munich with their kitty, she was already very old and passed away a year or two later. They decided not to adopt anymore as they were 70+ and were afraid a cat would survive them. So 3 months later, a cat shows up in their front yard -he turns out to be a neutered tabby boy who looks just like Maunzi. They try to find owners-it is a neighborhood with quite some business places and not so many flats... Nothing. Now of course he lives with them. i think there was a sign at the door which said " Job opening for tabbies"


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