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Thread: Scary Rabbit

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    Scary Rabbit

    I read this article over the weekend & must say this poor rabbit gives me the heebie jeebies. I don't think it feels any pain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizbud View Post
    I read this article over the weekend & must say this poor rabbit gives me the heebie jeebies. I don't think it feels any pain.
    That's the kind of stuff that gives you major nightmares?

    These rabbits are scary, too....
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    Ewww - creepy looking. Guess it must not be in pain tho, since it acts perfectly normal.
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    Poor bunny, but at least they said it likely doesn't hurt it. I wonder if predators will stay clear of it because of its odd appearance, or they will just see it las "lunch" no matter what.
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    Predators do tend to know when there is a hurt/wounded animal in a "pack" or "herd", so I think they'd know something was odd. I hope they wouldn't eat that though, they could probably get the virus that way. OR maybe predators wouldn't even recognize it.
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