IDIOTS ARE COMING OUTTA THE WOODWORK!!!!! Yet another rescue vent.

Caller: Hi, I got your name from *****. There's this cat that an elderly woman took in. She's fixed, has had all her shots (by this time I'm hearing BLAH, BLAH, BLAH)

Me: Yeeeeees.

Caller: Well, the family wants the cat gone by the end of today.

Me: Are you EFFING kidding me???

Caller: Now they've gotten their lawyer involved, who is telling the family if no one comes forward by the end of the day, to DUMP (that's right) the cat in the woods.

Me: Oh really???? Talk about UNETHICAL!! Well, I'm sure this bottom feeder didn't tell you the law in CT. If you feed a stray, take it in, have it vetted, the cat becomes your responsibility.

Caller: Well I'm not going to give you his name or any other information than that of the cat. We've called just about every single rescue organization in the State.

Me: It IS kitten season and the shelters are busting at the seams.

Caller: Maybe it's best if we just have her put down.

Me: It's better than dumping her and having her fend for herself in the woods where there are all sorts of predators out there and she'll wind up dead anyways.

I am SOOO frustrated right now. I CANNOT take in anymore than I already have. I know I can't save them all. I'm having a panic attack because of this.

So, as of today, my name is Asastasia Beaverhausen and if you call me with "Hi, my name is ***** and I have this cat", you will catch my wrath before I hang up on your sorry @$$.