Photobucket has changed how they manage things. In an effort to make money.

So this is why you do not see my siggy below. Here is the info they provide:

Current Storage: using 0.3 GB of 2.3 GB provided (16.18%)

Bandwidth: using 10.0 GB of 10.0 GB / month (100%)

So if I read this right, me deleting some of the photos I am saving on there is not going to help, because I have plenty of storage left.

Here is more of their explanation ( and I do not understand enough to follow this part, at all, sigh)
Free users have limited bandwidth for their accounts, and that limit is set to 10GBs of bandwidth per month.

Bandwidth consumption is counted by the amount of data that is transferred from your account to other sites across the web. The size of the image or video will increase the amount of bandwidth you are using when linking them out to other sites.
Examples of bandwidth usage:

-Lets say you have 100 photos that are 1MB in size each, and you are linking every single one of them out to your blog/website. 100 images at 1MB in size means that you are linking out just under 100MBs in data size for all those images. Those photos would need to be viewed 100 times a piece to reach the 10GB bandwidth limit for a free Photobucket account.

-If you only linked out 10 photos that are 1MB in size, those 10 photo would need to be viewed over 10,000 times before you would reach the 10GB bandwidth cap.

-If you had 10 videos on your blog/website that were 100MBs in size, that would equal out to just under 1GB in file size. If those videos were viewed 100 times total, you would reach the 10GB bandwidth cap.

What I do not understand is, how DO I fix this? Apart from spending money, lol, I mean.