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Thread: Meet the Kiz

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    Meet the Kiz

    This is Greta, as she appeared on petfinder.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    She'd been at the shelter for a few months. A kill shelter. I had every intention of going to Collie rescue for my next dog, but I was perusing petfinder and loved the look of a cute lab/terrier mix puppy. I also was intrigued by Greta's sister, Gretchen. I kind of passed on by Greta, because her picture didn't really grab me. Well I toodled on over to the shelter. The adorable lab/terrier puppy was of course gone, but Gretchen was there. I had them bring her out so I could get to know her. We didn't click. She wasn't paying me any attention. So we went back and I thought what the heck, let me meet Greta too.

    We connected instantly. She had that look in her eyes that reminded me of Oz. So I could tell she was incredibly smart. She was also very friendly, outgoing and affectionate. Very kissy. She'd run off to greet people at the fence, then when I'd call, she'd come running straight back to me. She's a character too. I was squatted down on one of the recalls and she launched herself at me to land in my lap and we both tumbled backwards onto the ground. LOL I realized real quickly that this girl is something special and I couldn't leave her there on death row. I think she may be a GSD/Collie/Heeler mix, so it's almost like getting a Collie again. But I totally chose her based on personality and smarts. And look what I discovered when I got her home and started taking pics of her.

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    She's absolutely beautiful. With her ears down, it didn't come shining thru at first. Took me two days, but I finally decided on Kiz/Kizzie for her name. Started out as a cross between Kismet and Kissy. Then after some research, I discovered Kizzie means light of heart and there's also a great character from Roots named Kizzy, so I can keep my TV/Movie/Literature theme of dog names going. Seems perfect for her.

    I can't believe so many people passed this girl by. She is a keeper. No potty accidents. Not destroying anything. Soft and gentle mouth, not nippy or bitey. Calm in the house, but playful and can run like the wind outside. Not barky so far. She's picking up on everything I'm teaching her really fast. Except catching. She catches like Maddie and just lets the stuffie bounce off her forehead. So I'm not sure if she'll be a frisbee dog like Oz and Gull, but I'm thinking she might be really good at dog agility or maybe flyball. She's real attached to the ball and is getting the concept of fetch already. Next step is to get her into obedience class to continue socializing and training, then we'll see about agility or flyball maybe. So more pics of her with her ball in next post.

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    Here she is with her ball:

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    She looks like maybe Collie/Akita - and oh, those ears! She was definitely waiting for you, Par! Congratulations!
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    Hello Kiz,

    www, she's perfect and she is beautiful. Hard to believe how she manages to fold those ears back.
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    Oh Kizzie is precious!! I love her Ears! beautiful, congrats!

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    She is beautiful and sounds like a special girl. Congrats!

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    Kiz is SUCH a pretty girl. Glad you decided to go ahead and meet her after her sister ended up not being a match. Isn't it funny how things work out?

    Welcome to PT, Kiz!
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    Congrats!!! She's gorgeous. I'm so glad that you found a good match and that she's already doing well in your home.
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    Thanks everybody! We're working on manners stuff, like four on the floor, especially when I'm eating, but she's way better behaved then I ever expected from a dog I didn't get a chance to raise as a puppy.

    Since I finally decided on a name, I got her ID tag today. In the house I'm at now, there's a very small section of the fence that's only 4 ft. Was never a worry with Oz and Gull. They couldn't have jumped it, even if they had wanted too, but this girl can sky. She hasn't shown any interest in jumping the fence so far, but she could sail over it easily, if she wanted to. She's pretty much been a velcro dog so far, but I feel better that she's got ID on now.

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    A Perfect M(C)atch and a beauty too. Her ears are amazing and they suit her well - she is gorgeous!!

    Congratulations Par - you need this love in your life and I am positive all your RB doggies are smiling and wagging their tails knowing that mom has a new doggie and bestest friend to love her .

    Welcome to PT Kiz - you are one lucky pup.
    Yours in Whiskers

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    Congrats!! Kiz is a stunner! These ears definitely pop!
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    Love the name! Congratulations on your new addition. I bet she was sent to you by Oz and Gull. Everything happens for a reason.
    You're the one sure thing I've found so you better stick around...
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    Hello, Kiz, pretty girl! I'm glad you have a wonderful new home! I am sending you a big Welcome Home hug!

    I'm sure you will do great in your obedience classes, and you will also have all kinds of fun with your new family! That is a good story for the importance of having an ID tag, too. Your person decided you should wear one and I hope you never, ever need it - but just in case.

    One more Welcome Home hug: (((HUG)))!
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    I think she is lovely. I couldn't have resisted that sweet face.
    I showed her to my husband and he commented on her ears being so large. I think he'd spend all of is time petting them!

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    She is just GORGEOUS!! ) I her! And her name!!
    I love your backstory as well. I love hearing how "the one" strikes us. Kinda like when I found my Brodie.
    Looking forward to hearing more about her. Love her ears! )
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