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Thread: Summer Settling Into Her New Home- New Sibling Pics Added

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    I love her markings, especially the black splotch on her face!
    I've been finally defrosted by cassiesmom!
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    Thanks again everyone. She now acts like she's lived with me for years. She's really fit in very well. She's such a sweet heart and has made me change my attitude about female cats. Ziggy & Pearl would prefer to be only cats but Summer does just fine around her new brothers. She does put Levi in his place though and he usually deserves it because he still has no manners.
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    I think Summer is absolutely beautiful and will bring much joy to your life. Female cats can be total sweethearts! The female cats that I have known were all sweethearts. I haven't owned or been owned, by a female cat in years. But that is not because I prefer males, it is more due to the fact that the cats that needed a home when I was looking were all male. I think Summer is absolutely beautiful and will bring much joy to your life.
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