Well it's not really kitty world but the home of a very nice lady that I met who is a FOSMAS foster. Her husband is great at building things and so far he's built what people are calling "The Golden Gate Bridge 2", an outdoor cat run, a Koi pond, and he's still finishing up a catio where their concrete patio used to be. She invited me over on Thurs. evening and I made sure to bring my camera. They have four cats Cooper their only male cat, Cali, and Kit, and Kaboodle. The lady is also fostering 4 kittens and she thinks that at least 3 of them have already found their homes. Here are some pictures that I took. Enjoy!!!

Here's "The Golden Gate Bridge 2". As you can see a bridge was built between the two cat trees. Just beyond this is where the new catio will be. They are still waiting for new windows to arrive. Then new tile floors will be put in as well as at least one sky light. Then they still have to paint and decorate it. They are thinking of going with a beach or a light house theme or maybe both. The lady's husband has already put in two ceiling fans.

Here's the entrance of the outdoor cat run with Cali the calico cat.

Here's another part of the outdoor cat run with Kit.

Here's another part of the outdoor cat run which then leads towards the top part of their fence.

More pics coming up.>>>>>