Heidi got sick on Wednesday,she wanted outside and after a few minutes,I heard talking and then a knock on the door,it was Mom's friend Doreen,Heidi had not greeted her when she came to give Mom a recipe for Cherry Cheesecake.I looked and she had brought up,she had been eating weeds,she was sick four more times.the third time was when I was upstairs to heat a TV dinner and I heard her bark,came down,couldn't see her,thought she may have seen a mouse,she was under the end table by the computer she had been sick again,she was letting me know.She was rather quiet,wouldn't eat,Mom gave her some Gravol and before bed was looking for food and ate her supper late and had a drink.The next day,she was fine all day and then Friday morning,wasn't feeling well,wasn't quick to come upstairs.After a few minutes,was sick again,it was a little later in the morning,Mom gave her Gravol,tried giving her water and food,nothing,took the food upstairs,put some on the mat in the kitchen,she took it and ate it in the dining room then back again until it was gone,had more food a little later and more water.She had a few bones that night,Saturday was better and since then no problem,has to stop eating weeds,I got rid of then once,just keep growing back.