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    Introducing Summer!!! Vet Updates Added

    I'm sure this is getting very old with you reading about all of my new additions but I decided to let the cat out of the bag instead of keeping her a secret. Yes, the newbie is not only a female but she's not orange either. Wow!!! What a shock! I actually fell in love with her when I was helping FOSMAS out in early June with their Maddies Adoptathon. The only reason that I didn't adopt her that very day is that she's a female. Now FOSMAS is having another price break for adult cats that are over 18 months old to hopefully help them get adopted during kitten season. Through the month of July all 18 month old and older adults are only $17.76. I kept thinking about her and she is very used to being around a lot of cats both female and male. Bentley also knows her. I officially adopted her on Fri. July 5th and I'm taking a nice staycation until July 15th. She's a petite Siamese mix even though she doesn't have the Siamese markings. Her mom looked like a Siamese and she was brought to FOSMAS with her mom and 6 other siblings. She's a little over 2 years old and now only her shy brother is left looking for his forever home. If you remember Digit, she's his sister. My co-worker and her daughter adopted him last year in early April. I'll post a picture of him too.

    Since it's now kitten season, Summer was taken back to her foster mom's house. Unfortunately she started losing some of her fur. When I saw her, I also noticed what looked like flea dirt on her. I suspected that she had fleas and I was right. Her foster mom put Advantage ll on her and I've been keeping her in my bathroom. I later combed out 8 live fleas. Yuck!!! Later on I was sweeping the bathroom floor and I swept up 3 more live fleas. The next morning I swept up a few dead fleas and I couldn't find any more fleas on Summer. I later cleaned the bathroom very well and then I sprayed Orange Guard in all of the crack and crevices. I also sprayed it on the carpet in front of the bathroom door. This product is safe to use around food, pets, and people. You can either buy is at Orchard Supply Hardware or online. I've already used it at one of my pet sitting jobs to kill carpenter ants and it really worked well. Summer was in my other bathroom in a carrier while I was cleaning the main bathroom.

    I thought all was finally well until a live flea jumped on my white slippers this morning when I was sweeping up some litter in Summer's bathroom. I still can't find any fleas on her. Today her foster mom came over to give me some drontal pills just in case she now has tapeworms. I gave her the first dose and in 2 weeks I'll give the second dose. I'm still worried about fleas though. I put advantage ll on all of my cats every month and they're due this Sunday. I made annual exam appointments for Sky, Bentley, Levi, and Summer for this Tues. morning at 10am. I now learned that my vet only works from Sun.-Tues. She used to work from Sun.-Wed. On Mon. she does surgery most of the day so she has limited appointments. Summer keeps scratching her head and her ears. She did have some ear wax in her ears which I cleaned out but it didn't look like ear mites or anything. Just to be safe I'm going to keep her in the bathroom until my vet gives me the all clear for her to be out and about with the others. Please wish me good luck with everything. Now on with the pictures.

    Summer's Petfinder Pictures:

    As a young kitten.

    As a young adult cat.

    These were taken last night. She's a sink kitty too.

    More pictures coming up.>>>>>
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