Hello everyone! My name is Cassandra. I have lots of pets. An almost 2 year old male boa constrictor named Cloud Strife, an almost 7 year old unsexed ball python Bud, an 8-10 year old spayed female mixed breed cat I found as a stray over 7 years ago named Lucky, a 6 year 2 month old neutered male mixed breed cat named Tiger (who is Lucky's son), an intact boar Guinea pig named Noah, a neutered boar Guinea pig named Quinn, an intact sow Guinea pig named Henrietta (who has had two litters with us), and 5 intact baby Guinea pigs. Three of them are males, and will be finding new homes, and two little girls who will be staying with us and yet to have names. We are hoping to expand their enclosure size so they can have more room, as it's crowded right now with the 8 Guinea pigs. We haven't been able to figure out a way to make a cat-proof cage big enough for them and still have room to walk around, so I suggested we find all of them homes and get more when we get a bigger place, but we've had ads up for weeks trying to find homes just for the little boys, and no one wants them, so we wouldn't have any luck with the others. I just feel really bad about it, but they're still very healthy, if cramped, because we make sure to clean the bedding every 3 days, or when it gets messy.

I also recently lost one of my cats: Lucky's daughter, Sweetie. My dad made me take her to my mother's since she was beating up on the other two. She hates other cats, but she grew up with Tiger, and Lucky was an outdoor cat at our old place out in the country. Since she didn't know Lucky, she wasn't happy about it, but after several months she began to be able to stand her, only beating up on her when she didn't get enough food for her liking (she was on a diet and it made her very very angry), or when we brought her back in during her nighttime excursions (always supervised, of course). We tried disciplining her, giving her treats when she was good, but nothing seemed to work. So, I had to take her to my mother's house for her to cool off, or get rid of her. Well, my mom's roommate being who he is, he opened the window despite being told not to, and she ran away. She's been gone for over a month now, and I doubt I'll ever see her again, after having her for a little over 6 years. I've put up ads at the shelter, on lost pet websites, on Craigslist, and asked around, but no one's seen her.

Sorry for the long introduction, but there's a lot to say.

Here is the last photo I took of her: