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    You're just gorgeous Jet!!! It sounds like you get yourself into a bit of trouble now and then!
    Congrats on being POTD! I hope this is a special day for you and your human!
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    Hello Jet, What a handsome boy you are! After reading the article I understand more why you can be a bit grumpy and always have food on your mind. When your first owner didn't care for you properly or feed you regularly, no wonder you always want food. I am so glad you now have an owner who loves you and cares for you the way you deserve. You're both lucky to have each other. I hope you have many more years together. Congrats on being POTD!

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    Jet the magnificent!

    Jet you are a lovely pony who is teaching your young owner lots of things! She certainly knows how to brush and feed you well, it shows in how sleek and shiny your coat is now in the summertime. She truely loves you, she did a great job describing you with all your antics! She picked out a lovely bridle for you and I love the pic of her riding you bareback. She must have great balance to go without a saddle. Have a great pet of the day Jet, you deserve it! Robin from Kansas USA

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    Oh my goodness, Jet! You had a difficult life before. Now you have a person who loves and cares for you and wonderful things are starting to happen! You are getting healthier and stronger, and better able to be ridden. Your person is not going to abandon you. I know you will get used to many more things in your life, like rain and birds. You are beautiful! I hope your person will give you some extra petting for me, or offer you a delicious horse treat. As sure as I'm sitting here I know that there will be many happy days in your future. I agree with Kay - I hope you will have many happy years together. You are magnificent! Happy Pet of the Day, Jet!

    P.S., I hope your person will come back some time and let us know how you two are doing together. I'm sure you will do beautifully!
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    Brave, beautiful Jet!

    Happy Pet of the Day to you beautiful Jet, and to your lovely young lady too, your soul mate! I was so touched by your story, and tears fell as I read, midway through your lady's heartfelt tribute, of the horrific abuse you suffered before "coming home." How anyone can treat a beautiful, feeling, defenseless creature so cruelly is incomprehensible, and MOST understandably your years of abuse have left you with a few emotional scars, feeling a bit grumpy at times. But thankfully your young lady, wise beyond her years, came to your rescue and now finally your TRUE inner spirit has been set free, your inner and outer beauty shining brightly! I'm so happy for you, Jet, that you found you way to such a caring and devoted family, to a forever human who will love you unconditionally, and cherish you, imperfections and all, for all the days of your life! You deserve nothing less! What a very special bond of love and trust you share with your lady (and belly squishes), and I hope for you and for her many, many more happy, carefree, love filled years together! Great thanks to your young lady for sharing your inspirational, heartwarming story, and your lovely photos with us. Oh, how far you've come! Much love to you, beautiful Jet! Enjoy your well earned day in the spotlight, sweetheart, and every minute of your happy, new life!

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    Jet what a gorgeous fellow you are!!!

    Goodness, who wouldn't be grumpy after the life you had before your loving guardian found you. I am surprised you are not more grumpy. You certainly are looking wonderful now after all the loving care and food you are getting. Please thank your loving guardian for sharing you with us. Maybe she will give you a head scratch and a treat from me, eh?

    Congratulations, sweet Jet, on being our very special and deserving Pet of the Day!!!
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