I've had my cat Charlotte got almost 12 years now. I have her daughter, and her son passed away in August of a brain tumor. Chuck was my best friend, my everything. After Chuck passed away Charlotte and I became really close, how Chuck and I were. Charlotte sleeps with me every night and any time I'm in my room she wants to be there too. I've been unemployed since February and have been home a lot. I recently found employment and I'm never home because the people I'm working for I'm also friends with. Also my neighbor travels a lot so I spend time over there with her dog who I'm taking care of. I finally spent the night at home for the past two nights and Charlotte keeps pooping in my bed. Also she wants out of my room and doesn't seem to be willing to hang out with me, is she mad? Is it the change? I love her to death but I can't have her pooping in my bed. Im really pissed off about this and need a solution. The litter boxes are fine,