Hi Tongs! Happy Pet of the Day to you!!! I do believe your person is right when she/he says you're the "most friendly, cutesy wee Leopard Gecko" on the planet! Oh * my * gosh!!! What a SMILE!!! You ARE too cute for words, Tongs, a sweet and lovable social butterfly packed with personality, and you just happen to be a real looker to boot! Those big, beautiful eyes could melt the hardest of hearts! Oh, what a very special companion you are, Tongs, bringing so much joy and happiness to your family's days! They, and all lucky enough to meet and know you, are truly blessed indeed! Thanks for putting a huge smile on MY face, Tongs! I hope you and tank mate Rocky are both enjoying a very special, fun and treat filled day, being spoiled to the max and loved to pieces! Lots of love to you, adorable Tongs, our very special and most deserving honoree! (Love to Rocky, too!)