Hello, gorgeous Dude! Or perhaps I should be more formal ... Good morning, GC BW NW Procurlharem Yankee Dudecurl Dandy! You are absolutely breathtaking -- from your wonderful ears to your sweet face, copper eyes, beautiful coat and your full, fluffy tail! Wow! Your coat looks so silky and soft to pet. I smiled when I read that you are a shoulder rider -- I bet you see all kinds of interesting things from your person's shoulder, like meals being prepared or a lap to snuggle. You are intelligent and busy! Do you like to look out the window? I'll bet you have a cat tower to enjoy being "UP" and watching what is going on around you! I am sure you bring smiles, joy and laughter to your meowmie and everyone you meet - and that you receive tons of love and happiness in return! I would love to give you a gentle petting or help you play with your favorite toy, beautiful kitty Dude! Happy Cat of the Day to you!