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Thread: Me and Clover's horrible night (update: paw pictures on page 2)

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    Me and Clover's horrible night (update: paw pictures on page 2)

    July 1st I went to see the fireworks. I was thinking of bringing Clover but figured I better not in case she gets scared. I asked Dad to bring her outside the house for a minute to see how she'd react so i'd know and he could put her back if she was scared. I figured she'd be fine, since she's never been afraid of loud noises and previous years she wasn't upset from inside at the fireworks.

    After the first firework, she bolted, pulled the leash out of my dads hand and took off. I burst into tears when I found out and began looking. After about an hour of looking we called the police station and someone reported a dog got hit by a car, a lab. So I expected the worst and was so upset I had a panic attack and couldn't breath. We got to the vet (someone dropped her off) and I was told she wasn't hit by a car from what they could see. They did a bunch of tests and blood work. She had to stay over night to be sure she'd be ok. All the tests (expect that night) came back good. They said they couldn't see any sign of her being hit by a car. However her feet were all torn up. All 4 paws are now bandaged. She's on pain meds and antibiotics. She seems to be getting better but she still isn't herself.

    I'm a little worried she'll be traumatized forever and won't ever be herself again....I've been spoiling her rotten and taking extra good care of her. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am she's ok. I couldn't take it if something happened to her. I love her more then anything, and I'm so mad at myself for thinking she'd be ok outside my house. I should have just left her safe inside.

    Here is a picture.
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