I haven't been around in a long time, but for those of you who remember me and my kitties I wanted to post this.

Today I had to say goodbye to my friend Jack. This is the one that had Megacolon since 2007. I always thought that would be what did him in but I guess not. We just had a full lab work up done just this fall and all was fine!

He had a respiratory infection in February and never did seem to do as well after that. He got very fussy about his food and I had to go through hoops to get him to eat his medicine for Megacolon 3 times a day. We even changed to a different food for it that was working much better but about 2 weeks ago he started vomiting like he did in February. We tried repeating the same treatment but he was having a lot of bad days where he would barely eat enough to keep a kitten alive, other days ate like he used to. Because of not always eating he wasn't able to take his medication and as a consequence he was horribly constipated now. Poor thing hasn't had an enema since 2007 and if he had other issues I wasn't going to put him through another one.

I took him in today and we did a lab work up. I started crying before we even ran the tests as his blood was jaundice. The liver tests were all elevated, one so much it went off the scale of the machine. I thought his ears looked a bit yellowish last night but was hoping it was just his usually horrendous ear wax dirt. I guess I was trying to convince myself of that anyway.

I opted to have him put to sleep today. I will miss him horribly. I don't think Bear realizes he's gone yet and not sure how he will take it. Bear & Pooky were gotten as playmates for Jack when he was 2.

To add insult to injury, today is the EXACT same date as we had Dusty put to sleep in 2007. I guess July 2 is a bad day to be a cat in my house.

So now I'm down to being a 5 cat household. Cami is still doing fine in her separate room. Josh & Sassy are fat and affectionate as usual. Bear & Pooky have a touch of arthritis but doing fine otherwise.

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