Hi Pinky! Happy Pet of the Day to you, and to sister Lily, too! Oh, yes, you truly are one beautiful, extra sweet and precious piggy, Pinky...Love your name, too! Your coat is gorgeous, and so unique what with your calico colored head and white body! How wonderful that your human welcomed you and sister Lily both, home! I'm sure it's fun having a fellow piggy to pal around with, and for your person, double the wheeker love! You two are the yin and yang of piggiedom, different in personality, but equally special, and equally loved by your devoted human! ( I loved how your human described Lily as the brains of the "operation," and you as the "backup!") Thanks so much for stopping by today, sweetie pie! Meeting you has truly brightened my rainy day! Hope you're enjoying your well earned day in the spotlight, Pinky, celebrating with your person and Lily, chowing down on spinach, being pampered to pieces! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you precious Pinky, and to Lily too! P.S...Early happy 2nd birthday wishes to you too!