One of the funniest things you can do with your dog is dress it up in Dog Clothes. I have a couple outfits for my dog, although we rarely use them because he (the dog) hates them. Still, it is amusing to seem him wearing his hoody when the mood strikes us. If you're in the market for dog clothing, you might be wondering which article of clothing will give you the best laugh bang for your buck.It's funny enough when an adult human wears a sweater with a knitted reindeer on the front, but when a dog wears that get-up the results can be hilarious. A good part of the humor here is seeing an animal in human-style clothing.

I don't know where those pointy cone-shaped party hats originated, or why people still where them at birthday parties, but they are inherently funny. And they are double funny when placed on the head of an unwitting dog.