This is Rufus, and do not let his size and stately gaze fool you, he is just five months, so still very much a growing kitten. He's a dog-like cat! He just loves playing fetch and licks people to show them his affection. However as he's half cat and half raccoon (that's what people say about their breed, although they really are 100% cat genetically) , he always meows to let us know that we have to open a water source to let him drink or play with water bubbles. He's Duke Rufus, a very noble cat :3 ruling our home with a giant velvet paw.
Hello, gorgeous Rufus! What a beautiful kitty you are with your golden tabby colors, your plush coat and oh, those giant velvet paws! You give kisses to show your people your affection; you meow to your staff to open the tap for fresh water to drink! And you are a busy kitty, too -- playing fetch or having fun with water bubbles, being the Duke and ruling with your wonderful paws! You are sooo handsome and I love your wonderful gaze. Please have your people give you some extra petting for me, Duke Rufus, because you are a very special boy! Happy Cat of the Day, sweety!