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    Regal Rufus!

    This is Rufus, and do not let his size and stately gaze fool you, he is just five months, so still very much a growing kitten. He's a dog-like cat! He just loves playing fetch and licks people to show them his affection. However as he's half cat and half raccoon (that's what people say about their breed, although they really are 100% cat genetically) , he always meows to let us know that we have to open a water source to let him drink or play with water bubbles. He's Duke Rufus, a very noble cat :3 ruling our home with a giant velvet paw.
    Hello, gorgeous Rufus! What a beautiful kitty you are with your golden tabby colors, your plush coat and oh, those giant velvet paws! You give kisses to show your people your affection; you meow to your staff to open the tap for fresh water to drink! And you are a busy kitty, too -- playing fetch or having fun with water bubbles, being the Duke and ruling with your wonderful paws! You are sooo handsome and I love your wonderful gaze. Please have your people give you some extra petting for me, Duke Rufus, because you are a very special boy! Happy Cat of the Day, sweety!
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    Rufus is a purrfect example of why I am unable to resist the charm of Maine Coons. They are kindly aristocats, the creme de la creme of furry creatures, full of confidence and cheer.

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    What a cute guy you are, and that stare must get you anything you desire! Happy COTD

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    Hello Rufus, it's a pleasure to meet you. Wow! You are a beauty--absolutely stunning and majestic. You're just a kitten now with lots of growing to do. I hope you have a long happy life with your humans. I'd like to see photos of you when you're fully grown. Congrats on being COTD!

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    Oh, Duke Rufus, what an utterly gorgeous Maine Coon follow you are.. and at only five months old, you are still a growing boy! It's hard to imagine just how huge you will grow to be! Just look at those great big paws, and those long, LOOOOOONG whiskers, and those eyes with the look of knowing just what you want and how to get it. Your fur is beautifully colored and tabby-patterned. I wish I could reach through the screen all the way to Italy and pet you!

    You and your humans love each other very much, don't you! You are such fun to live with, sometimes playing fetch, sometimes requesting a water source be opened, sometimes licking them to show your affection. You are a kind and gentle ruler of your household, aren't you! What a wonderful home full of love you all share.

    Congratulations, darling Rufus, on being selected today's Cat of the Day! We hope you and your humans are enjoying a delightful day of celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats.

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    Rufus what a gorgeous fellow you are!!!

    It was a treat to see your sweet face on my computer today and read about you!!! What a big smile you gave me!! I bet it is lots of fun having you for a friend. Please thank your family for sharing you with us. You are a treasure indeed!!! I hope you are having lots of fun in beautiful Italy today.

    Congratulations, sweet Rufun, on being our very special Cat of the Day!!!
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    Hello Rufus,

    What a gorgeous boy you are sweetie. and to think, you are only a youngster. Wishing you a long
    happy & healthy life with folks who love & appreciate how sweet you are. Congratulations on being
    chosen as today's very special CAT OF THE DAY.
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