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Thread: Gorgeous, handsome Oggy!

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    Gorgeous, handsome Oggy!

    Oh, dearest Oggy, what an utterly beautiful Siamese-mix cat you are, with your blended fur colors and tabby patterns and your lovely blue eyes. You have the most wonderful FURRREVER home now, too, after a few that didn't quite work out. You are full of wild antics such as bringing in dead (or live) prey as gifts for your family, muddying up bedsheets, eating bread and muffins you find lying out... and you like to sit in the shower, after it's been used but still wet!

    You and your human family and your fellow kitties Bagheera and Lotty and your doggie pal Jekka all love each other very much, don't you! Your PURRRENTS think you are the most amazing cat in the universe with all of your crazy but lovable antics, and they hope we find you as amusing as they do. (I know I do!) What a delightful home full of love and fun you all share!

    Congratulations, darling Oggy (aka Ognut, Ogmore, the Prince, Psycho Cat, Foggy, Bob, Bubble and Billy Bob) on being selected today's Cat of the Day! We hope that you and your whole family are all celebrating a fine day full of fun and love and all your favorite treats and games.

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    You're a very handsome boy Oggy!!! Congrats on being COTD!
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    Hello, beautiful Prince Oggy! I like your bright blue eyes and your Siamese mix markings! You are a busy kitty -- having a steam bath, munching on a muffin or bread, and bringing .. uhmm ... a gift for your family (eek!)! Then you enjoy fun and love with all your family members! Happy Cat of the Day to you, gorgeous Oggy!
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    Thank you all very much for your heart warming comments on Oggy, I'm glad he caught your eye and we defiantly treated our king today

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    Oh my I thought Oggy might be a wildcat out on the hunt! What a beautiful picture and a beautiful crazy boy.
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    Most amusing Oggy!

    Hi Oggy! Happy Cat of the Day to you! What a striking beauty you are, Oggy! Your silver Tabby coat, contrasted against your amazing blues eyes...breathtaking! And as for those countless, adorable monikers the humans have bestowed upon you? As the poet says, "a rose by any other name...!" Not that you're JUST all about stunning good looks! Oh no, not Oggy! You've got spunk and spirit, pizazz and personality to spare, and that's an understatement! Let's just say you're one adorable, unpredictable, most amusing, wild and c R aZ Y guy who simply enjoys life, and keeping his humans entertained (mostly)! You're my kind of guy, Oggy...feisty, fun loving, forever joyful! And we all know those "gifts" you so thoughtfully serve up upon the kitchen floor are simply your way of saying "thanks" to your family for the wonderful life they have given you! It took a few tries, but oh yes, you finally did find that perfect fit of a forever family and how lucky they all are...your *special person,* your mum and dad, Lotty, Bagheera and Jekka...having a beautiful best friend for life, a never ending source of amusement, in you! Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! I hope you and the humans, the kitty crew and pup Jekka, are all enjoying a very happy, fun filled, extra special day of celebration! (I'm sure you'll be doing your part, making it "fun!") Lots of love to you on your much deserved day in the spotlight, precious Oggy, and love to all of your furry sibs too!

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    Oggy what a stunning fellow you are!!!

    I can tell from your story you are quite the character too!!! That makes you even more special!!! I bet things are never boring with you around, eh? Please thank your family for sharing you with us. You certainly gave me a big smile.

    Congratulations, sweet Oggy, on being our very special Cat of the Day!!!
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