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Thread: Book sale & Cafe Press products to save Magoo

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    Book sale & Cafe Press products to save Magoo

    I met Chris right after hurricane Katrina. Her story of survival and rescuing her cats is amazing.
    She, along with many residents, continues to struggle to put their lives back together and recover financially.

    One of her rescues is Magoo. He had been losing weight and not too interested in eating. She rushed him off to the vet and found that Mago has squamous cell carcinoma under his tongue. Chris is beyond devastated that she is low in funds to save her baby. She has a great vet who is keeping the costs down. She is gathering the financial information required by to help raise funds but hasn't been accepted as a PIN (Pet In Need) yet.

    One of the ways Chris makes ends meet is selling books (mostly textbooks) she finds at flea markets or garage sales. All of the proceeds go to the veterinary care and feeding of rescued cats, some with disabilities.

    She has an online store at Amazon

    I'm spreading the word in case you are in the market for some books or know someone who is. Please check out her store. If/when her application is accepted at IMOM, I'll post the link to her fundraising thread here and in Cat General.

    If you have any experience with squamous cell carcinoma in cats or words of encouragement, please let me know and I'll pass them on to her.

    Thank you.

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    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.


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