Hi Rooster! Happy Pet of the Day! Oh, you are too precious for words, Rooster, so cute I can hardly stand it (never could the ears of a Dumbo!), and quite the handsome boy too in that gorgeous merle coat!
It seems if no one is willing to play with him, he will make his own fun
Now that makes you, Rooster, every mom's dream child! And one thing I never knew about ratties, that the boys aren't known for being big jumpers! But you are, and that's just one more thing that makes you so extra special! What a lucky guardian your human is, Rooster, having a rattie as handsome, as personality packed, as loving as you, and I too hope for you and your family many years of shared love and companionship! Thanks for brightening my dark and stormy day with your *sunshiny* self, your precious pics, Rooster! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, being spoiled rotten, celebrating to the max with your human and rattie mates! You sure deserve it! Lots of love, cuddles and little kisses to you, adorable Rooster!