Hi Pet Talk! Most of you remember me, but some folks don't hear from me anymore via PT. I've been updating through Facebook and I only occasionally post in PT (although I check frequently). I don't think I've posted about my new "puppy" since I adopted him nearly one year ago. Both my dogs and my kitty Miss Mindy are doing wonderful, but I had a tragic loss in my fur family. My heart kitty Minion (AKA MiniMin) passed away recently. I'm pretty sure he had a stroke. I explained his sudden symptoms to our vet and made the decision to end his suffering. A few days after parting with my sweet boy, I was in PetSmart looking for some grooming tools for my labradoodle and they had the local Humane Society doing an adoption event there. Long story short, we adopted a kitten . She's lovely. She was the only girl from a litter of 4, and they were orphaned at 10 days old, so she and her brothers were bottle-fed until they were ready to be weaned. She's a total floppy, insta-purr, biscuit making lap cat and she's everything I love in kitties. My daughter named her Periwinkle.

Ollie Fuzzypants, the labradoodle, is doing wonderful. He's a big bucket of fuzz and a true clown. He's a lot of fun, but he's pretty much a fetch junkie and if you tell him to "go take his slimy ball somewhere else", he will carry it to the nearest living creature and drop it in front of them; be it a sleeping 4 year old or a puzzled lounging cat. He's a riot. I find tennis balls in my kids beds daily. He drops them in hopes they will be thrown, and then eventually forgets about them.

Boone is doing perfect, but I'm sad at how fast time flies. He just turned 7 years old. Wasn't I just holding him as a fat, fluffy puppy just a few days ago? Life really does go by fast. My kids (who I still remember having hiccups in my belly)are also growing up too fast. MY daughter, Quinn, is 6 and just graduated kindergarten. Vincent is 4 and will be going to Pre-K.

Things are going well. We took the new kitten Periwinkle to be spayed today, but they said she was sick, sold us some antibiotic, and told us to bring her next week instead. That's a bit frustrating because she's not sick, oh well. Regardless, next Tuesday (July 2nd), we're dropping her off and could use some good thoughts that her surgery and recovery goes well. Thanks

Well I've been trying to post photos of my new kitten, as well as recent ones of Boone and Ollie, but the file uploader tool won't work. I will try tomorrow again, it's late and I'm tired hehe.