For those of you who have been around for a long time you might remember that we used to have a PTer who lived in Bahrain. She and her family were being transferred to Nigeria and she couldn't take her cats. I offered to adopt one (Conner) and he has now been with me for almost 7 years.

Unfortunately Conner is very very sick tonight. I took him to the specialist because he hasn't been eating. It turns out that he has fluid in his belly (ascites). There are basically 4 possible causes for it: 1) liver failure; 2) pancreatitis; 3) cancer; or 4) FIP. Based on his blood work and other tests we have narrowed it down to pancreatitis and we won't know about cancer for a couple more days.

Tonight he is in the vet's place for re-hydration and treatment of his pancreatitis. I won't know for a couple of days whether this is all he has and if it is, we can treat it. If he has cancer I will have to let him go over the bridge

But please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tonight