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Thread: Two pretty white ladies in San Jose, CA

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    Two pretty white ladies in San Jose, CA

    So...the secretary at my work had adopted two lovely white kitties to live in the office. The plan had been, for years, that she would take the two of them if/when she left the job...but she didn't.

    Paris and Nicole have each other, food, water, toys, cat trees, and a clean litterbox, but they need a person to love now that their person left without them. Paris, in particular, flings herself upon anyone who comes into the office for some loving. Nicole is shy, but she comes around eventually.

    They are about 8 years old, spayed, vaccinated, and healthy, aside form Paris having put on a couple of pounds since the secretary quit. She has gotten a little matted right above her tail, and we've been brushing it out, but she needs a thorough brushing, which I'm going to attempt on Friday.

    They can stay as long as they need to, but It would be really nice if they had a person to love. PM me here or email [email protected] if you know anyone who migh tbe interested.

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    Hi Cathy, I just sent this info to a woman that I know in the rescue group FOSMAS. Hopefully either her rescue group can help you or she can refer you to someone who can help you. I hope that you'll be able to find new loving forever homes for both cats. Good luck.
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    Thank you! I remembered to pack the brush I wanted to bring to the meeting tomorrow, so I'll have a go at getting the rest of Paris' mats out. If I'm awake enough to think of it, I'll snap a picture too!

    They're a pretty pair...Paris has pale blue eyes and Nicole has soft green eyes.
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