I went in to my boss' office this morning for a meeting, and was greeted by a pair of cute little chihuahuas in back of the warehouse. Sometimes the warehouse guys bring their dogs in, but they are usually tethered in the shade and out of the way of the forklifts, so I was puzzled.

I asked my boss, who told me that there were actually FIVE chihuahuas that have been dropped over the fence and left in the backyard! 0_0 The warehouse guys have been feeding them since Friday when they were first seen, and trying to get close enough to catch them, but the dogs are having none of it.

The dogs are in good shape, and they are fenced in so they will not get in the street. They have food, water, and shady areas to rest so they are safe for the time being. Still, I would like to catch them and get them vetted and turned over to one of several local rescues. One in particular has a foster mom with a soft spot for chihuahuas, and a talent for working with fearful dogs.

Does anyone have experience trapping frightened dogs? I can rent a trap (or five? Maybe?) from a few places nearby, but I don't know how to proceed from there. Do I take a cheeseburger, Eldad Hagar style, and sit nearby to tempt them in? Do I bait it in the shade and check back a few hours later? How would you go about catching them?? How do I get them OUT of the trap afterward?

I was able to get within about six feet of the boldest one today, but he was on HIGH ALERT, and there was no way I was getting any closer.