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Thread: Some Photos of Taggart in Yosemite Park etc.

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    Great pictures all. Awesome scenery and beautiful Taggart.
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    Taggart looks like Lassie posing up on that large rock. What beautiful country & it looks like you all were having a great time in the good old outdoors.
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    Thank you Fritz & Cassiesmom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varga View Post
    I started agility at ARF but continued on at the trainer's home course in Concord. She is awesome and a great teacher. Her website is (sorry, can't do a proper link, I'm on my tablet). She has new classes beginning all the time, so I'm sure you could get started quickly if you wanted.

    And yes! We should meet. And preferably soon! Because we've been talking about moving to Sacramento, so I don't know how long we will stay here.
    Well then yes, we do need to get together. This Saturday we are taking a motorcycle trip to Hollister so I won't be at ARF. But I will be there on the 13th and the 28th (switched to a Sunday for this weekend only).

    That's funny, because I am from the Sacramento area. My parents owned a business near Downtown Sac for over 40 years. My parents live out in Herald which is south east of Sacramento out in the country. About 30 minutes (more with traffic) from Sacramento.

    Hope to see you soon!!
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