My in laws were visiting from Germany last week, so we all traveled around a little bit here in California and also made some trips over to Nevada. They rented a car so Taggart came along too and since my in laws are obsessed with taking pictures, I thought I'd share some where he is in since I haven't shared photos of him in quite a while...

He's doing very well by the way. He's turning 8 this September and still the happy, always excited, silly and hyper puppy as always. It's crazy to imagine that this dog came all the way from Faroe Islands with me and has so far lived on both coasts of the U.S! When I first met him in 2007, it was only suppose to be a temporary stay, haha!
We've been doing agility for about a year but so far haven't competed or anything like that. We just go to class every Friday and do agility for the fun of it. If/when I get a car, I might start competing, who knows. He for sure has the talent for it and enjoys it a great deal.

Anyway, enjoy! Sorry that there are so many... it's hard to pick favorites!

Somewhere close to Mono Lake, CA.

You can see the lake here in the background.

Some more around the same spot.

Somewhere around Mammoth Lakes, CA

Taggart trying to get close to a mule or donkey (I have no idea how to tell the difference) in Virginia City, NV. A guy dressed as an old time miner was walking it around and you could feed it carrots for one dollar.

At Yosemite Park

---more coming---