That's right. Yodi is a spayed female..... Not that it matters much but when I picked her up the first thing I was told was the gender. Gee, I wonder if he had a sex change in the shelter..... This was the tag on her cage.
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Anyway, she's back home again and there is some really good news. Her T4 is right back to normal thanks to the meds so the vet told me to cut the dosage in half and have her checked in a month which I will do. Even her Urea and Creatinine have come down - not normal, but down from her last check in April. Her hemoglobin is quite low indicating possible anemia so a CBC is recommended and I might ask for that to be done along with a urinalysis when she goes in for her next check up. She seems weak in the back end and pooped in her porto-prison on the way home but I'm sure a full days sleep will do her some good. She was shaved all around her ears and head and I was given some Surolan liquid for her ears and skin, to be used twice daily until the bottle is empty. They did take some samples of her ear guck and the results will be in within the next week or two.

If her next check up is a good one, I've made the decision to once again fail Fostering 101. That way I can take her to my vet as the drive home was really traumatic for her.

For now, she's fast asleep in the corner of the living room and I'm sure she is having pleasant kitty dreams.