I'm really beginning to worry that something is wrong with my brain: I forgot the PIN number of my cash card! I've been using the same PIN for decades, several times a week when I'm buying groceries and stuff. But on Saturday when I was at the cash terminal, my brain had a complete blackout. I remembered the digits, but not the correct order. Three times I tried to insert that damn number, and after that, my card was locked. Over the weekend, I was pretty sure I now remembered the PIN so I called the bank this morning and they unlocked the card for me. I gave it another try at the cash terminal and again that stupid machine told me that the PIN was wrong.

Feeling more than confused about the entire thing, I went to my bank this afternoon and ask for help. The lady at the counter suggested to use the two remaining tries until my card would be blocked again, which I did, hoping to finally type in the correct order of my PIN number. I didn't succeed. Now the only thing left was to order a new card for me with a new PIN number, and I was really embarrassed. I tried to make a lame apologogy, said something like "well, I really don't know how I could forget that number, after all, I'm not yet 80". The lady replied, "Well, maybe you partied too much." I: "no way..." She: "Alcohol maybe?". I, deeply embarassed: "I don't drink!!" (which is true, I don't drink any alcohol at all because I just don't like it). I couldn't say any more because I was so ashamed. Behind me, a line of bank customers was waiting, listening to this embarrassing conversation.

I'm feeling really awful about the entire incident, and I really wonder how I could ever forget that PIN after so many years! After all, I'm someone who's famous for her memories of numbers and dates! This is really scaring me.